OncoZenge is developing BupiZenge, a lozenge based on the safe and effective non-opioid, long acting pain reliever bupivacaine. BupiZenge’s primary indication is oral mucositis and it has the potential to help millions of people with their oral pain caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


Q1 2024

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Full Year Report January-December 2023


Annual Report for 2023


Interim Report January 1 – March 31, 2024


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Full Year Report January – December 2024

Our team

Meet Our Team: A Collective of Dedicated Professionals Committed to drive innovation and solve the painful oral side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Board of Directors

Daniel Ehrenstråhle

Chairman of the board

Born in 1974, Daniel brings extensive experience as an executive, consultant, and advisor across various industries. Central to many of his roles is a broad scope of responsibilities covering strategy, transactions, M&A (buy and sell-side), portfolio management, governance, and go-to-market strategies in an international context. Prior to his 6 years in the executive group for global business units at Ericsson, Daniel worked 7 years at McKinsey and, before that, 3 years at ZS Associates in Paris, focusing on the pharmaceutical sector. Daniel Ehrenstråhle is independent in relation to both the Company and its management, as well as larger shareholders in the Company. Daniel Ehrenstråhle joined the board in 2023 and holds 350,000 warrants in OncoZenge AB.

Christoph Nowak, MD, PhD, Dipl-Psych

Board member

Born in 1986, Christoph Nowak holds a PhD in molecular epidemiology from Uppsala University, a medical degree from the University of Oxford (UK), and is a licensed psychologist (Diplom-Psychologe) from Braunschweig’s Technical University (Germany). Previous experiences include serving as an Assistant Professor at the Karolinska Institute and a physician at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness (Scotland). Chris has authored >60 scientific articles published in peer-reviewed journals, with over 20 as the lead author. Significant roles in other companies include Chief Medical and Business Officer at Diamyd Medical AB and Chief Medical Officer at Melius Pharma AB. Christoph Nowak is independent in relation to both the Company and its management, as well as larger shareholders in the Company. Christoph Nowak joined the board in 2023 and holds 27,000 Shares and 350,000 warrants in OncoZenge AB.

Niclas Holmgren

Board member

Born in 1992, Niclas is an entrepreneur, land developer, investor, municipal politician, and lay judge. Niclas Holmgren joined the board in 2023 and holds 350,000 warrants and 1,277,023 shares, equivalent to approximately 10.9 percent of the total shares and votes in OncoZenge AB (publ). Additionally, relatives of Niclas Holmgren hold 742,912 shares, corresponding to approximately 6.3 percent of the total shares and votes in OncoZenge AB (publ). Niclas Holmgren is independent in relation to the Company and its management but dependent on larger shareholders.


Stian Kildal


Stian Kildal has held several leadership positions with responsibility for P&L, product portfolios, and business development in an international setting. Most recently, he served as CEO of the Irish company Ammeon Ltd, which was sold to Intive GmbH following a structured exit process. Previous roles have included leadership in challenging restructuring situations as well as growth ambitions. Stian’s leadership is characterized by taking on challenges with a clear vision and strategy, building teams and structures to drive change, and executing towards set goals. Stian Kildal joined OncoZenge in 2023 and owns 500,000 warrants and 300,000 shares in OncoZenge, directly and through companies.

Michael Owens


Michael Owens has over 20 years of experience in finance, with a focus on both large and small life science companies. His experience includes auditing at Arthur Andersen and being a Certified Auditor at EY, an active role in listing Karolinska Development, and financial and controller roles for several companies listed on NASDAQ First North. Previous roles have involved business development with divestments, acquisitions, financing, and asset listings. Michael joined OncoZenge in 2023, and has no shares in the company.

Advisory Board

Stephen T. Sonis, DMD. DMSc

Professor of Oral Medicine, Harvard

Dr. Sonis is a senior academic at Harvard, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a world-renowned expert on tissue toxicities of cancer therapy.  His development of highly translational models has enabled the investigation of cancer regimen-related tissue toxicities and catalyzed development of potential therapies and innovative omics-based analytical approaches to clinically actionable outcomes to personalize therapy.
Dr. Sonis is the former President of Triad, an international not-for-profit company which focused on the adverse health and economic outcomes of cancer treatment toxicities and has served as a special employee of the FDA.  He is a founder of Biomodels, a pre-clinical research organization, which was spun out of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in 1997 and has assisted in the development of drugs, devices, and biologicals for a wide range of indications including mucositis. A spin-off, Primary Endpoint Solutions (PES) assists companies throughout the clinical development process. 
Dr. Sonis  holds several patents and is the author of more than 300 original publications, reviews, and chapters and 11 books.  He received his DMD from Tufts, completed his DMSc and residency at Harvard, and his postdoctoral training in tumor immunology at Oxford where he was a Knox Fellow.   

Dr Pooja Nandwani Patel, MBBS, MD

Head of Department of Radiation Oncology, Sterling Cancer Hospital

Dr. Pooja Nandwani Patel is a Radiation Oncologist working in the field of cancer since 2005. Currently, she is a Senior Consultant and Head of the Radiation Oncology Department at Sterling Cancer Hospital, India. She is a very passionate Radiation Oncologist with patient care as the main focus in her daily practice.
She has received the Most Promising Young Oncologist Award from Indian Cancer Society in 2012. She has been the recipient of many popular fellowships from AROI (Association of Radiation Oncologists of India), ASTRO (American Society of Radiation, ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology), IGCS (International Gynecological Cancer Society), SNO (Society of NeuroOncology) and ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology).
She has been trained at reputed international cancer centres abroad including Christie School of Oncology, NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, England, Mannheim University, Mannheim, Germany, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust, England, United Kingdom, Kaiser Permanente Medical Hospital, Santa Clara, California, USA, Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, Canada, Long Beach Memorial Medical Centre, Long Beach, USA and The Methodist Hospital, Houston, USA
Her primary research interests involve head and neck malignancies, gynecological malignancies, breast cancer, prostate cancer and brain tumors. She is very keen to utilize her acquired knowledge through various international fellowships and trainings done abroad, into clinical practice for the betterment of her patients.

Dr Paolo Bossi

Head of HEAD AND NECK CANCER UNIT, Humanitas Hospital, Milan

Paolo Bossi is a Medical Oncologist, Associate Professor and Head of the Head and Neck Cancer Unit at the Humanitas University and Humanitas Cancer Center in Milan, Italy.

He is involved in all institutional research activities on head and neck cancer, from translational research (gene expression, next generation sequencing) to assessment of quality of life and value-based medicine. He is particularly dedicated to rare cancer among head and neck cancers (paranasal sinus cancer, adnexal cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, salivary gland cancer). He has strong experience with medical treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer, designing and conducting trials with targeted therapy and immunotherapy. He has a strong commitment to supportive care, specifically for what concerns mucositis induced by cancer therapies.

He collaborates with the Italian Network on Rare Tumors, a collaborative effort among Italian cancer centers, which tries to exploit distant patient sharing to improve quality of care and diminish health migration for rare solid cancers. He is the Principal Investigator and co-investigator of several Italian and International trials on Head and Neck cancer and non-melanoma skin cancer.

 Current responsibilities include; ESMO – Member of ESMO head and neck group and supportive and palliative care group, EORTC Head and Neck Group, Co-chair of the Older Adult Council at EORTC, MASCC – Chair of the Mucositis Study group for the period 2021-2024, AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology), AIOCC (Italian Association of head and Neck Oncology), President of NICSO (Italian Network for Supportive Care in Oncology), Board of Director of GONO (Gruppo Oncologico Nord Ovest), Member of the SIOG Task Force on the Quality of Life in Older Cancer Patients and Member of the Head and Neck Cancer International Group Translational Research committee





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OncoZenge is developing BupiZenge, a lozenge based on the safe and effective, non-opioid long-acting pain reliever bupivacaine.


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